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Sanitation workers recover New York woman’s lost photo albums

The New York Department of Sanitation came to the rescue when a woman’s photo albums representing more than a century of family history were accidentally thrown in the trash. Patricia

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Man wins $1 million lottery prize after dreaming of jackpot

A Michigan man said a dream he had about winning a lottery jackpot proved prophetic when he won $1 million from a scratch-off ticket the next day. The 32-year-old Wayne

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Florida man who caught gator in trash can removes snake from house

A Florida man who went viral for using a trash can to catch an alligator shared video of his latest animal encounter when a large snake invaded his home. Eugene

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Australian farmer finds five-legged lamb in his flock

An Australian wool farmer said a lamb from his family’s flock will now become a family pet because of an unusual feature: an extra leg growing out of its head.

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Man finds nearly 50-year-old message between two walls of his home

An Australian man renovating his home found a message in a bottle concealed between two walls, and was able to find one of the construction workers who wrote the note

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UFOs spotted over New Jersey city may have been drones

Residents of a New Jersey city spotted a series of mysterious lights in the night sky, and at least one expert said they may have been drones practicing for a

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