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Residents of a New Jersey city spotted a series of mysterious lights in the night sky, and at least one expert said they may have been drones practicing for a light show.

Louis Stevens said the white lights appeared in the sky over downtown Paterson for at least five minutes Monday night, and Stevens and other witnesses questioned whether they were seeing unidentified flying objects of paranormal origin.

“You see it on YouTube and it’s always somewhere out in the Nevada desert somewhere,” Stevens told WPIX-TV. “The shock of it is more like, is this really real, I mean are we really looking at what we think we looking at?”

Stevens captured video of the lights that was shared with the Federal Aviation Administration, which said no unusual activity was reported over Paterson by local air traffic authorities at the time of the sighting.

Victor Chu, director and executive producer of drone videography and photography company Sky One, said the lights may have been drones practicing for a light show.

“If you look at any light show, they are all synced together and they are controlled by a computer,” he said. “If you look at the video, you will see that they are maintaining a formation for the most part, even though it’s kind of little scrambled a little bit.”

Chu suggested something may have gone wrong with the practice session, causing the formation to become “scrambled.”

The FAA said people who witness similar lights in the sky should report their sightings to the National UFO Reporting Center.

A string of mysterious lights prompted numerous reports of UFO sightings when they appeared over California’s Bay Area in February. The cause of the lights was determined to be the 60 Starlink satellites launched into orbit by SpaceX two days earlier.